Thursday, September 19, 2013

Watching Putrajaya International Fireworks 2013

Please click on the image to enjoy a bigger view of the magnificent firework ^^

This is my first time watching the Putrajaya International Fireworks.
The fireworks display on each day were presented by different countries.
The one I watched was by China. Here's more details on the event.

Assuming the fireworks start at 8pm, we went early to get a good spot, 
only to find out later that it starts at 10pm. >o<

Temporary toilets set up beside the Precinct 4 roundabout

Crowds waiting in the rain

View from the bridge overlooking Putrajaya Lake

Finally, the long awaited fireworks. Yayy!~
The whole firework display lasted for around an hour, totally worth the wait!! :)