Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Loft 67 at Kulim

Heard about this cafe - Loft 67
from an old friend whom I know back from working in Kulim.

Excited about this new hang out place,
me and J went right that weekend.

Loft 67 from the outside

We were so excited that we forgot to check the opening hours. >o<
Called and found out it's open at 12 noon which is just few minutes later. 
So we waited.

This one's dark because we were the first ones there and the owner is just setting up .
Great to be in the cooling indoors while outside is all hot and sunny

Love the owl curtains~

Nice sketch of one piece!!

Interesting reading materials and mini puzzles

The cafe is simple and spacious. 
I'm especially impress with the thoughtfulness of providing a power socket for each of the tables..
Makes it a great place hang out place.

mocktail RM6.70

hot chocolate around RM6/7

 The food are mainly burgers (different sauces) and spaghetti

 Classic handmade burger RM9.20

I thought the portion looked small, but turns out it's quite filling
They made the bread and patty themselves.
Loved the patty which is firm and non-greasy. Felt healthy~ hehe

The owner is so enthusiastic about coffee that we were determined to try out the coffee and desserts.
Stuffed, we returned the next day, with more people. lol

Cheesy white spaghetti RM9.20
The sauce is creamy yet not too heavy. everybody liked it

Tiramisu RM8.90
Though I don't mind liquor I prefer lesser of it.
Still it's a lot closer to my idea of tiramisu than the typical cake which claims to be tiramisu

Affogato RM7.30
What brought us back to Loft 67.

Bruschetta RM3.70

 Latte RM6.40
Recommended by owner for non coffee drinkers like us as it has more milk than coffee.
Happy to say we feel fine after that,
looking forward to challenge a new coffee next time. :D

Loft 67

Address: 67-F Jalan Raya, 09000 Kulim
Tel: 04-490 5541


Located on the left row shops after the Kulim town police station.
Look out for the sky blue building.
Business hours: Open from 12 to 10.30 pm
Closed on Wednesday
GPS Coordinate: N 5 22.050    E 100 33.283

Monday, January 21, 2013

DIY: daiso wool felt bunny

Saw some wool felt animal crafting kit at Daiso for RM5. 
Got this cute bunny to be my first wool felt project. :)

Everything needed for the project is included:
wool, felting needle, accessories (eyes, beads, chain etc)

There's even extra ones for some of the tinier accessories. 
In case some got lost.

1. Roll the wool into a ball shape. Still a big round shape now.

2. Start felting. The process is just repetitively pricking at the wool.
The wool got smaller and firmer into a tiny ball. That's the bunny's head.

3. Next up is the ears. Roll 2 long stripes and felt into ears.
Leave the end without felting so it's still soft and furry.
Attach the  furry end to bunny's head and prick those into the head so it get's attached.

So far so good! :)

4. Rolling the pink wool into nose and mouth is the craziest part.
Things got out of hand at this point. >o<
The bunny's head kept rolling around so the nose got felt all over it and end up in a big lump.

5. Attach the eyes and bead for body. 
Voila! My first woolen felt bunny.
Quite pleased with myself except for the nose part. :p 

If you like handmade and crafts I think the kit is a good thing to get.
It's basic and mini so beginners won't get overwhelmed, 
plus it's cheap so you can always get another one if the first one didn't work out. 

Penang Bridge Marathon 2012

Wanted to write about the Penang Bridge Marathon 2012
(my first marathon experience)  for quite some time already.
Finally got to it today, 2 months after the event. hehe...

-- The Beginning --
With the second Penang bridge estimated to complete in 2013, 
there's rumours that 2012 might be the last time marathon is held on the first Penang bridge.
I decided I have to get on the bridge, by foot, at least for once.

While I was procrastinating, J helped register for the fun run. 
As the day grew closer, I begin struggling each day with the thought to skip the run.
I have very bad stamina and dreaded long runs. >o<

Thanks to J again I participated in the end!~

-- The Day --
Had less than 2 hours sleep due to nervousness and woke up late.
Then we got stuck in a queue at the ferry terminal while trying to get on ferry by car.
Finally the queue moved and we manage to make a U turn and proceed to get on ferry by foot.
Then we got stuck in human queue. T_T

The long long queue...

View from ferry

Finally reached the Penang ferry terminal. 
What a relief to find that the shuttle for Penang Bridge Marathon is still running.

We were not the only ones late :p

Walking towards the starting point

Reached the starting point around 7.45am.
Many runners are already finishing.

"The miracle isn't that I finished.
The miracle is that I had the courage to start" - John Bingham
It is a miracle for me indeed :p

Now that we're not driving, it's good to be able to slow down and take a look around. 
There's actually a lot going on around.

Energetic crowd tempting us to climb over the "other side" from the gaps of the divider~

Aftermath from the run. Paper cups everywhere...

"The bridge sweeper"
Got sweeped off the bridge because it was already late. lol

Everywhere we looked there's exhausted runners...

End the run with a good breakfast (everything tasted delicious) and refreshing drink.
Glad I participated!~

Penang Bridge Marathon 2012 held on 18 Nov 2012.
Bridge closed from 1 am to 10 am.
Bridge run result: http://www.penangmarathon.gov.my/portal/

Monday, January 7, 2013

Sushi Tei @ Sunway Carnival

A few more japanese restaurant has bloomed up in mainland. 
Two of them are located in Seberang Jaya~
There's Sushi Tei in Sunway Carnival and Sushi Zento at the row of shop lots nearby Sunway Carnival.

Sis got her first job, a good reason for celebration and of course a good feast!!
This round it's Sushi Tei.

The place had a nice warm ambience
Got ourselves something from sushi belt to munch on while waiting. 

Egg roll sushi topped with mentaiko. 
The mentaiko (marinated roe) adds a special flavour to this sushi. Super yummy!

Dragon roll. (avocado on tempura prawn)
I've been looking for sushi with avocado ever since I had it in Sakae Sushi.
It's a good blend with sushi since it has a creamy texture and special fragrance.

Takoyaki is so so.
Guess it's a dish that should be eaten while hot, not suitable for sushi belt.

Sukiyaki. A balanced diet~
Comes with a plate of beautiful beef slices, raw egg and pot of vegetables. 

The beef slices are looked sooo tempting...
Raw salmon and roes on rice. 
There's so much rice that in the end I don't have anymore salmon to go with it.
Recommend to share the rice and order extra dish.

Miso soup with mushroom

What? another bowl of rice?!
Yup. We over rated our ability to eat rice. lol

Teriyaki chicken is quite to our liking.
Unlike other restaurants, the sauce is not as sweet and has a stronger bbq fragrant. Like!

Overall, Sushi Tei's has a good dining environment but slightly higher than average pricing.
Food wise depends on dishes, I personally like the teriyaki and mentaiko egg sushi.

Happy chefs make good food... Love how everybody is smiling in this pic ~