Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nando's card and peri-vileges

Dine at Nandos this past Sunday and noticed this deal... Nando's card
RM10 For Lifetime Membership Fee

The terms in bold attracted my attention. haha :p
And since we love dining there J signed up right there and then.

Got our member package!~

Here's a list of privileges for members I got from their website:

My Peri Day – First kiss? Parents Anniversary? Graduation Day?*
You choose a date that’s special to you, and we’ll celebrate it with a complimentary ¼ Chicken with 2 Sidelines
Birthday Peri-vilege*
Get a complimentary Dessert and Hot Beverage of your choice
Yes, it’s your anniversary with Nando’s (the day you signed up for the membership card). As a Peri-versary gift from your hot lover, enjoy a 2 sets of any chicken meal at the price of 1.
First Lip Dibs
Nando’s Card holders will receive invites
*Members are required to accumulate minimum 50 Peri Points; in order to enjoy the above Peri-vileges.
On top of that, every RM1.00 you spent at Nando’s will earn you a Peri Point which you can accumulate to exchange for more Peri-vileges.

You can refer to their FAQ for more details:

Few card designs to chose from. We got this one.

A drink voucher...

And a wooden keychain. 
I liked this freebie alot  ^o^

Friday, October 12, 2012

大山脚 - 滚一滚回转火锅

就在 Pusat Perniagaan Gemilang, 和 Stone Age Cafe 同一排。


我们点了药材, 猪肚和鸭腿汤。 每个汤底约 RM5-7 左右。

除了点猪肚汤的妈妈嫌胡椒味太重之外, 其它的都还不错。

店的概念类似Sushi King 一样。
火锅材料在回转带上任你挑, 价钱依碟子的颜色计算。

螃蟹, 大虾, 干贝在带子上转来转去, 少一点自制能力都不行。

除了汤底, 调味酱的选择也很多样化。


当然我们是有点克制地在拿材料啦!~ : p

价钱的话, 如果人多还是普通火锅叫一大碟材料的划算。

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Singapore Trip - day 2

Day 2 started off quite late in the afternoon.
I'm on a mission to get a waterbrush for outdoor sketching.

My friend suggested we visit the national library on our way.
They have a wide collections of books, great reading area and even an outdoor garden.
Wished we have that too. -_-"

Next up, my only itinerary for this trip: Bras Basah complex.
It's the hub of art, culture and education.

Found the water brush in a big art supply shop called the Art Friend.
I originally planned on getting a Pentel aquash, but only the smallest brush was available, 
so I got a Kuretake Zig BrusH2O instead. 

Will do a post once I test it out. :)

Heard of this shop (Cat Socrates) from a Taiwan blogger. 
No photographs allowed, but you can see more on their website.

It's full of all things beautiful.
From notebooks, ornaments, handicrafts and so on...
 I spent forever admiring at them.

 Meet up with friends for dinner @ Marina Bay Sans food court.

Take in the night view of Marina Bay after meal~

Singapore Trip - day 1

Had a short trip to Singapore to attend a friend's solemnization and wedding lunch.

First time flying with JetStar. 
The process at the counter was slow and inefficient even though we already did a web-checkin.

It's dinner time upon our arrival. 
We were in for a BIG treat - no signboard seafood @ vivo city!

Singapore's famous dish - chilli crab is a must have
My favourite part (the claw) is almost the size of a palm.
The gravy was average, 
But I thoroughly enjoy munching off big bites from the claw.

Friend rice and pork ribs.

Took a quick look around at the food republic food court.
Unlike most Malaysian food court, 
it's nicely decorated with vintage touch and has a good atmosphere.

Then we hopped on to Sentosa island which is just close by the mall.


It was late night when we reach universal studio. 
So we just took a picture of the now peaceful and quiet globe.

 First world resort casino has a big non-smoking area. 
It's the only casino I feel comfortable being in.

Noticed this bakery and cafe called Toastbox. 
Love the feel~ 
Didn't visit though because we're all still stuffed from dinner

Ended day 1 in Singapore with a cab ride home. 
The midnight surcharge was 50% on top of metered fare.