Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reliving childhood memories at Kamo Homestay 容县七号 @ Sauk, Perak

Kamo homestay is a traditional wooden house located in a quiet village, 
surrounded by nature in their most original state.
Knowing it's on my "want to go places", J brought me there as a birthday trip :D

Kamo homestay has a few specialties: 
sunflowers, bicycles, nature and make your self at home concept.

The owner, Kamo, returned to his childhood home 
and made it into a homestay to share the beauty of his hometown with more people.

Easily spotted Kamo Homestay~ corner house and flying flag with it's logo

Greeted by blooming sunflowers

The owner, Kamo, greeted us and ask us to make ourself at home.
Which I happily did. :D
Dropping my bags, I went off to explore the place with my camera~

Backyard planted with various vegetables

Lady's fingers (okra), egg plant and tomatoes...

Wandering cat

With the blazing sun outside, it's surprisingly cool indoors. 
I think it's because of the wooden structure and super cooling cement floor. 
Reminds me of grandma's house. 

Kamo had quite an interesting collection of books available for reading. 
I couldn't bring myself to stop reading once I started >o<

kha kiak (wooden sandals). SO nostalgic!

Later that night Kamo and guests made sweet potato balls 
with the potato harvested from the garden

Shower which leaves a deep impression because there's no water heater.
Can't recall when's the last time I had cold shower bath, plus blowing night breeze.
Ahhh ~ crazy yet fond memory.

Our bedroom for the night. No bed, just wooden floors.
There's actually a mat for us to spread out, but we didn't notice it until checkout. Silly us!

Anyway, I didn't think I could sleep well, but surprisingly did. 
We even took a nap before heading out.

Our window overlooking a garden of wild flowers

Map by Kamo for guests to explore the surrounding by themselves.

And here's the mode of transport, if you prefer - bicycles for guests.
I love the idea of cycling to travel. 
But since I'm really bad at cycling, 
we only cycle around the town and explore further places by car.

The last day of our stay, Kamo was working in his garden.
He shared some gardening tips and tricks and gave us some seeds for my garden.

It was a wonderful stay and we felt at home.
Exploring the surrounding is fun, just staying "home" reading, 
talking with other guests or even doing nothing is great too. 

Can't believe I already missed this place~
For detail directions on how to get there and other info please refer to Kamo's website.

Kamo Homestay 容县七号

Location:   7,Kampung Baru Sauk, 33500 Sauk, Perak, Malaysia
Rate RM30 / night