Tuesday, November 23, 2010


自几个月前摔楼梯, 人生中第一次包石膏后, 就大小病不断...

开工不到半年, 20天病假全拿光, 加今天的病假还超支1天。这又是我人生中的第一次“创举” (对! 现在发着烧,流着鼻涕写部落格)


- 摔楼梯打石膏

- 第二次生水痘 (小时候明明出过了 T_T) 。 因为这次事件错过了一个很好朋友的婚礼, 很遗憾。 还答应了作姐妹团的。再次对不起 (-_-")

- 胃痛两星期, 直到我服输去看医生吃药

- 发烧, 伤风感冒,咳嗽,喉咙痛

算算也快四个月了, 秋天也不过这么长, 希望快过去了吧!

ps. Moon 我有去拜拜了... 


Memory lost

Yesterday I worried about my memory to the max...

I was doing the regular go to work routine. Open door - close door - open gate - close gate - open car door.....??!! I look down at the key and just stood there blank. Took a few moments before it register to me that I was holding the house key (>O<)

Things like this been going on awhile now....Looks like it's time to google up on "how to save my brain"

Hope it helps.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday cooking session~

Had a sudden craving for caesar salad since the weekdays.

Decided to learn how to make it during the weekends, surf for recipe (went for the easiest 1 :p) & went shopping for ingredients at Jusco.

Skip some of the ingredients listed in the actual recipe since I seldom cook &  they'll just go expired.

Ingredients I use for salad dressing: egg,  soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic, parmesan cheese, anchovy sauce, olive oil.

Had some leftover breads in fridge so use them for croutons instead of baguette.

Pretty happy with how it turn out, although the sauce was ABIT too sour.

End result.

1DSC00724 copy.jpg 

Practiced making chawanmushi as well. Yes. practice.

Considering it's among the very few food i know how to make.

Turn out too hard this round because I forgot to turn off the gas. Too caught up with salad making...heheh

The not so successful chawanmushi: