Monday, March 25, 2013

Cozy In The Rocket cafe @ Beach Street, Penang

It is by pure coincidence that we discovered Cozy in the Rocket - 
a new cafe by the owners of Amelie cafe.
The loft and junk style exterior immediately attracted my attention as I stroll along Beach Street
after visiting Tofu, yet another great cafe.

The familiar hand painted signs reminded me of Amelie, so I looked up online and 
only then realise Amelie was closed and this is the owner's latest creation ~

Considering it's a pretty new cafe, we didn't expect to see such crowd
The place was almost full when we arrived around 1pm

The only table available was next to the kitchen, 
aroma from the cooking kept tickling our taste bud...
Can't stop ourself from "closely monitoring" the cooking progress via the window gaps~

Crafty chairs

The outdoors. 
It was a sunny afternoon, the light casting beautiful shadows all around

Recognise this? 
It's the cute goldfish from Amelie.

Took us awhile to realise we need to refer to the boards for menu and order at the counter.
This is what we had:

Pesto & salami spaghetti RM25

 Asparagus & bacon spaghetti RM25

The spaghetti is cooked al dente and very flavourful. 
We finished them in minutes, literally.
Judging from the speed they were gone, we all preferred asparagus & bacon. :D

Scallops & mussel risotto RM25
This dish is the least to my liking. Still, I haven't had a risotto that I enjoyed yet.
So maybe it's just personal preference..

Mushroom gnocchi in truffel sauce RM25
Being a potato lover, I can't express enough how much I love this dish.
All I can say is it's our favourite of the day!!

Tiramisu RM18

I wanted to try pana cotta, but sis insisted on this. 
Oh well, maybe next time~
Bitter taste from the coffee beans, liquor and orange zest is refreshing after the creamy meal. 
A great treat.

Passion fruit & lemon juice RM12. 
Healthy and refreshing drink

Though slightly pricey, the food and atmosphere is definitely worth it.
They also have some uncommon choices on the menu (like gnocchi, pana cotta) which is a plus

Word of advice though,
do not go on an empty stomach and expect some waiting time
since there's only the couple working away.

Ending the post with a shot from the cafe's beautiful outdoor ~

Cozy in the Rocket
No. 262 & 264, Lebuh Pantai,
Georgetown, Penang.
Tel:  +6012 496 7838  

Daily 10am - 5pm. (Closed on Mondays)

I was made aware by many comments that they have bad experiences dining at this cafe.
Mostly unhappy with the service provided.
Though not my personal experience, 
I feel obligated to highlight this to who ever come across this post. :)


  1. Shit service! A restaurant/cafe which cannot give a customer comfortable and good/friendly service!!!!!!
    bad taste of food! food not worth the price!!

    1. Hi Hoong,

      What happen? I've heard some negative review regarding their service, but mine was still ok.
      So sorry to hear that you have a bad experience there.

  2. Fully agreed with Hoong! Me and friend were just thinking to visit the cafe and make our visit there (because we just had breakfast at Light House Georgetown!) and the lady told us that was not a good time, in fact there were only 2 tables occupied, and she continued with BYE BYE and left! OMG! What is this...

  3. Yes.. only Cozy environment that i can give a good comment.. Food is ok but a bit overprice! Service totally sucks...No next time & not recommended.

  4. The service totally SUCKS!! I won't step in 2nd time!

  5. 1. Not warm and hospitable enough as their policy is that each customer MUST order at least one item.
    2. It's normal for customers to share food. But when we asked for extra cutlery, we were greeted rudely with "ask the kitchen". When we asked the kitchen servant, she referred us back to the counter. So when we went back to the girl, we were again rudely told, this time - "kitchen is still washing them" when the fact is we saw a whole tray of clean cutlery just at the counter! And them freely giving them out to other customers. First rule of a go0d restaurant is to never lie to a customer and to never treat a customer rudely. They failed every aspect of that.
    3. Food is not bad but very overpriced.
    4. Will never ever return.

  6. I feel the same; this older lady is totally impolite and not qualified to serve people. If their attitude is so arrogant, please close the shop and serve only for themselves but no others, so no one will touch your things and use your facilities. I have the same experience.

    When asking for an extra plate for my kid and she said she does not have a plate because we order only 2 meals and no they have not enough staff to wash the plate. The worst of all is that this restaurant does not welcome children. They do not provide a baby chair, so I use one of the chairs for my kid but because it is not meant for my kid of two years old, end up he fell down from a chair and cry loudly. If you have a child that need to use a baby chair please do not go to this restaurant.

    When my kid touches the book on the decorative staircase, the waitress approach and informs us that the book is for kitchen used. I am speechless because most of the books display in a café or restaurant is for the purpose of customers. This older lady quickly shows her face to us and keeps the book in front of us.

    I think this is the worst customer service café that I ever had in Penang. Penang has a lot more options than this lousy customer service restaurant. Highly not recommended.

  7. I visited this cafe today with FULL of disappointment. When i first step in this cafe, the waiter is asking us to order from the counter and of course no issues about it.
    After we made our orders (two coffees and two spaghetti), we straight went back to our tables and wait for our food.

    After 10 min, there are two group (2 pax and 5 pax) of people coming and make their orders at the counter as usual. At the same time, Our orders- 2 coffee have been served while we taking some photo in the cafe.

    After waiting for 40 mins, our food still does not served while the other two groups are happy enjoying their spaghetti. Then i approached the waiter for the 1st time ask for my 2 spaghetti , the staff told me that the other two group of customers are ordering carbonara which is easier to prepare so I need to wait a bit longer since Spaghetti Aglio is taking longer time to prepare. Although i may not accept what he is answer but i dont mind to wait for a while.

    After 25 min later, I saw the waiter is serving a spaghetti Aglio (Which the same spaghetti that I ordered) to one of the two groups (5pax) that coming in later than us.

    I've approved the waiter for the 2nd time again at the counter to ask for my spaghetti. He told me that they might made some mistake and he will check again. Then I went back to my table and continue to wait.....

    After waiting for another 15 min, the food is still not been served so i've decided to cancel my orders. When i talk to the staff (guy) about the cancellation at the counter, a skinny Chinese lady approached me and keep on saying that they are in the progress of preparing it. Since i have waited for so long (total 80 mins), i just told her that i would like to go now due to time constraint (need to visit other places).

    The worse part- Once i have made the cancellation and walking back to my table for the bill, the Chinese lady YELL to the cook in hokkien "Mein Zo Liao" Stop cook for the food. which she purposely want me to hear about her anger. I believed that every in house guests are able to hear the yelling. I was so surprise with this attitude as i dont think i did anything wrong for cancelling my orders (after waited for 80 min).

    Full of disappointment and dissatisfied with this kind services. Although the coffee is nice, but I definitely will not visit this cafe again in future...