Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bangkok trip - tips and information

Been a loooong time since my last travel...
This time it's Bangkok!
Just thought I could share this few info with those who's planning a trip there.

Rabbit card

Used for travel on BTS skystrain system or other mass transit network. 
Just like our touch n go card.
200 bht on purchase with 100 bht credit inside.
50 bht - issuing fee (non-refundable) , 50 bht - card deposit (refunded on return of card)

Free local sim card
We got ours from tourist information center at the Don Mueang international airport.
* It contains free data plan for first 24 hrs.
Data plan is really handy for finding your way around and looking up travel info.

Itinerary planning tool
Discovered this website 
which I used for planning this Bangkok trip. Also available as mobile app.
It offers some very cool features like selecting from available attraction with coordinate, maps, opening hours and adding your customize itinerary if it's not available from selection. 

Bon voyage!~

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