Thursday, February 20, 2014

Cafe Bouchee @ Sunway Perdana, Seberang Jaya

Finally!! a new cafe in mainland... Cafe Bouchee
I was delighted when I spotted this cafe during my visit to Sushi Zento. It's just a few shops away. 
The decoration in front of the cafe caught my attention immediately.


Tasteful decoration in front of Cafe Bouchee

Sure enough, I love the interior atmosphere as well. 
The decor and furniture reminds me of Kaffa. Wonder if they're somehow related~

lovely corner

Will menu be added to the chalkboard soon?

The cafe offered some light snacks and cakes besides beverages.
I loved the fact that they serve plain water for free while we waited for our order.
Now we can stay longer....hehehe

I ordered croissant which came which salad and nachos.
The portion is generous and simply yummy. 
The nachos was unexpected, so we're glad we had something to snack on ^o^

The yummy croissant and assorted sauce

Happy with it, we ordered a cheesecake.
Which turns out disappointing because the cake was too hard and dry. 
Maybe I'll try the chocolate cake next time, 
the guy on the next table looks happy with it...

Varieties of cake for selection
 Surprise that I couldn't find Cafe Bouchee's information online. 
But it's easy to locate, just go to Sunway Perdana, it's few doors down from Sushi Zento. 
Enjoy ~ 


  1. How about the range of its price?

    1. The price is normal cafe range. For the croissant I had is about RM7-10 as I remember. :)

  2. hi is the food there halal?