Friday, February 21, 2014

Moustache Houze @ Campbell Street, Penang

There's been a lot of talk about Moustache Houze. A cafe themed with moustaches ~
So we went to see for ourselves what's the hype all about. 
Sad to say, the experience turned out to be below our expectations.

The all too familiar image of Moustache Houze

and pipe shelves...

Private room for large crowd upstairs & swings~

The decorations were pleasing 
and it's nice to see some of the creative ideas I see on Pinterest being applied in real life. 

However, the food and drinks were average and overpriced. 
I hope they'll improve on the food and beverages. 
After all, good ambience should come with good food too :)

Cheesecake was fine but the other cake (the brown one) tasted weird to us.

Orange juice and ice cube kiwi juice.
Ice cube drink is their specialty, which I do enjoy. 
But is was too small and too pricey. Not even enough to quench my thirst T_T

Moustache Houze
Address: No. 24, Lebuh Campbell, 10100 Penang Georgetown
Telephone: 04-262 2228

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