Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY hemp string hanging lamp

Wanted to make this lamp ever since I saw it on pinterest.
After a looong search, finally found the hemp string needed at Mr. DIY shop.

And so the project begins...

Have all the materials ready: 

1. Glue 
2. Hemp string
3. Balloon/ inflatable ball (It should be the size you expect the lamp to be)
* I chose balloon so I can control whatever size I prefer
4. Newspaper to avoid the mess
5. Something to station the ball ( I just taped it to a basket)

1. Rub glue on the hemp string part by part, and start wrapping it around the ball.
You can also get a disposable plate and dip the string in glue instead of applying it to the string by section.

2. After almost and hour of wrapping, the lamp shade is done!!
In case you're wondering why the balloon colour is different, 
the white 1 burst in the process and I gotta start over with a new one. T_T
That's the drawback of using a balloon I guess....

3. Leave the lamp to dry until the shape is fixed. 
I left mine for one day. Then deflate the balloon. 

4. Pull the light source through the centre and fix it.
(I just tie mine with the remaining hemp string)

For the light, you can get a ready cord set and just fix the bulb, 
or get the parts (wire, socket, bulb) and assemble them yourself. 

Finally, hang your lamp wherever it's intended. 
And voila!! A personalised DIY hemp string lamp is completed  ~
I'm very happy with mine and it all costs less than RM15 

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